While everyone was quarantined in their houses to stop the spread of COVID-19, people turned to social media to connect to with their friends and family even more than normal.  There were trending Instagram story templates and challenges that you couldn't avoid if you tried.  Draw a carrot, push up challenge, see a shot send a shot, and most recently, bingo.  
The first bingo that I was tagged to do was a Chapman University bingo which was pretty funny.  I thought, what if there were bingo cards that were even more personal and fun? So I figured I would design bingo templates for me and my closest friends.  These would have their key personality traits, things they raved about, hallmarks of their character.
Based on the bingo templates I had seen, I planned to make a 5x5 template with a free space in the middle.  So I needed to come up with 24 boxes of personal info and inside jokes.  I started with my own and listed out 24 things that were "very me" in my Notes app on my phone.  Then, I looked up dimensions of an Instagram story and designed my template with Adobe InDesign, choosing to put my photo in the center box instead of just writing "Free." I repeated the process to make 12 other bingo templates for my friends, who then posted them on their stories and challenged their friends to fill them out.
There was a positive reaction and I got a lot of responses from my peers.  People asked for the template, but they didn't have InDesign, so I decided to make blank templates that people could fill out on their own Instagram stories. 

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