I follow a lot of influencers and photographers on Instagram, and I had seen and been tagged in giveaways before.   Even though I only have about 1,500 followers, I wanted to see if a giveaway would help expand my senior portrait business and increase my following.
To see if there was any interest and make sure that there were people who would enter, I started with an Instagram poll.
With the positive feedback, I created some rules that increase my following and brand awareness of the giveaway, and crafted my post.
1. Follow my account
2. Like the post
3. Tag 3 senior friends 
Unfortunately, I didn't have a business Instagram account at the time, so I don't know the number of impressions, but there were 34 entries and I gained 12 followers.  However, and important effect was that people started thinking about senior photos earlier than they usually do, and several people messaged me that they planned on booking me for senior photos even though they didn't win.  Overall, I was pleased with the results, and will probably do something similar at the beginning of the 2019 senior season.

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